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All of them, even the show dogs, have the right to live the life of a real dog. None of them has to spend its life in an individual box.

sheepdogs haviing fun in the snow

Walks, playing and running around, as well as gardening, digging holes and a lot of nonsense is part of their daily lives. It would be marvellous if one day they could stop the last few activities, but well this is more a dream of the "bosses"!

OES rainy days


After attending a conference about B.A.R.F. (biological adapted raw food) in early 2010 we totally changed the food of our carnivores. It took some time and a lot of advice and the follow-up of a specialised veterinary to find an adapted optimised combination of raw food and vitamins, minerals etc. It is definitely more work to prepare this kind of food for the dogs than the industrial one, but it has many more advantages.

OES eating


ols english sheepdogs

A dog show offers the unique opportunity to see a lot of different dogs and breeders in a small space of time. Construction, general appearance, character etc. are judged. It also gives the opportunity to compare one’s own dogs to those of others and to find potential stud dogs. It is impossible to talk seriously about breeding without attending dog shows in France and abroad. The more one can deal with competition the more one can judge one’s own dogs.

Dog shows are part of the work of a serious breeder. Imagine a plane constructor who refuses to show you how one of their planes takes off and flies and just told you “of course the plane can fly”.

This is probably the difference between a breeder and a puppy producer who is mainly focused on profitability. Yes, dog shows are more and more expensive – spending 300 euros for a weekend is usual.

OES sdog shows


OES puppies

Our bitches do not have puppies under the age of two years. They have a maximum of one litter per year. The number of litters they have during their life depends on their health, the time they spend as show dogs, their behaviour with the puppies and so on.

The stud dogs we use are either our own or come from other breeders in France or abroad. The choice is made in terms of the genetic combination, the breed standard etc. always looking for the ideal dog whilst preferring the good-natured.

OES puppies fun

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