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Bobtail et enfant

Do you have any questions?

The text below can help to find the answer; it reflects our point of view.


Vanessa (CH Vanessa du Moulin du Pont) was born in June 2004, she was our first undocked Old English Sheepdog. Since then we have kept the tails. Most European countries stopped the docking of tails years ago; and even in Great Britain it has been the case since April 6, 2007. France has a special exemption which still allows docking.


The outstanding coat is the beauty of the breed. Having a long coated dog means investing time and energy in grooming. Without regular brushing it is impossible to obtain a satisfying result.
Or a puppy style trimming is a nice alternative. The fur is cut to a length of about 10 cm, which makes grooming and keeping the coat in good condition a lot easier. A totally shaved OES looks quite ugly, and there are a lot of adorable short coated breeds.
However of utmost importance is the health of a dog, a matted coat is to be avoided. The length of the coat should be in accordance with the lifestyle of the owner. Grooming a dog which is used to it, is a real pleasure for the dog and for the groomer.


Contrary to popular belief you can wash your dogs with adapted products as often as you think it is necessary. Our show dogs are completely washed and dried at least once a month and always before a show. All the other dogs whenever it is necessary.
The dog has to be thoroughly brushed before the bath otherwise the coat will get filthy and extremely difficult to untangle.

All dogs need a small amount of education and training at the very least, our breed is no exception. Attending puppy training classes benefits both the dog and the owners, especially if it is your first dog.

Our puppies

# are all home bred;
# grow up with us inside our home, they are used to all the normal routines of daily life, noise, action, etc., from us and a young boy;
# all are: registered at the “Livre d’origine français” the French stud book, identified with a microchip, vaccinated* and regularly treated against worms;
# have a health certificate from our veterinary;
# and come with a leaflet of our kennel with useful information about taking care of an OES.

*CHPPL first injection for dogs staying in France at the age of 8 weeks, a second injection of CHPPL and rabies for dogs going abroad at the age of three months.
Puppies staying in France must be at least 8 weeks old.

They stay with us as long as legally necessary which depends on the destination country. We take care of all paperwork legally required by the authorities, passport, health certificate, etc.
Meanwhile the puppies share our life; they are not used to living in a kennel.

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Puppies for show and breeding: must have their second theeth, will have a first HP X-ray and all genetic health tests for the breed before leaving.

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